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Dan Jacobson

Dan Jacobson

For over 33 years Dan has designed and won groundbreaking environmental policies and winning legislative and ballot campaigns.
Dan has organized winning strategies, built coalitions, persuaded policymakers, raised millions of dollars, developed effective messaging, and recruited, trained and managed hundreds of staff.

100% Clean Energy-
Dan was the lead lobbyist and strategist for SB 100 (de Leon) that passed in 2018. He ran the two year campaign to ensure California generates 100% of its electricity from carbon free sources by 2045. He also played a leadership role in the campaigns for 20% clean energy (2002), 33% clean energy (2008) and 50% clean energy (2015).

Million Solar Roofs-
Dan helped design and pass SB 1, the Million Solar Roofs campaign. He worked with the Schwarzenegger Administration to win the campaign and implement the law once it was passed. Dan and Governor Schwarzenegger celebrated the Millionth Solar Roof in November 2019.

Charge Ahead California-
Dan designed the campaign to create subsidies for low income Californians to purchase electric vehicles. He recruited the groups that together passed the legislation (SB 1275). He brought together environmental and environmental justice groups into a winning coalition to electrify cars.

Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags-
Dan devised the winning strategy to ban single-use plastic bags in dozens of towns and eventually statewide. He not only helped to pass SB 270 (Padilla), but he also won two ballot campaigns put on by the ballot by industry to roll back the law in 2016 (yes on 67, no on 65).

Solar Home Mandate-
Dam helped organize the California Energy Commission order to require new California homes be built with solar panels (2019)

Healthy Kids-
Dan led campaigns to ban dangerous phthalates from children’s toys and bisphenol A from canned food. Dan helped pass ‘Green Chemistry’ (a comprehensive approach to toxics policy). He organized the Healthy Schools program to require schools to track pesticide use.

Clean Oceans-
Dan conceived of and implemented Oceans Day in 2002. Now it’s an annual educational day and the largest single day event in the Capitol focused on protecting and preserving our oceans. It draws over 250 people per year.

Green California.
Dan co-created Green California, a coalition of over 100 environmental groups, focused to communicate with the legislature on key priorities in the Capitol. Dan led the campaigns to continue the ban on offshore oil drilling and secure funding for our state parks.

Dan has received numerous state, regional and local awards for his work to protect the environment and stave off the worst impacts of climate change.

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